B. Thomas Blair (thomasblair) wrote in thefairtax,
B. Thomas Blair

HR 25, Section 905 (a)

I've got most of my questions ready. We'll take them one at a time:

Section 905 (a) reads:
SEC. 905. (a) IN GENERAL- All persons, in whatever capacity acting (including lessees or mortgagors or real or personal property, fiduciaries, employers, and all officers and employees of the United States) having control, receipt, custody, disposal, or payment of any income to the extent such income constitutes gross income from sources within the United States of any nonresident alien individual, foreign partnership, or foreign corporation shall deduct and withhold from that income a tax equal to 23 percent thereof. [bold mine]
I don't understand why a bill claiming to be doing away with the income tax would have text explicitly authorizing an income tax. It reads like it's setting up an income tax for nonresident aliens. One of the stated benefits of the FTA is that it taxes the previously untaxable underground labor market through the NRST. Why is the bill constructing an income tax structure for aliens?
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