i_riddler (xriddlemethisx) wrote in thefairtax,

Newbie with a question

Hey, I hate to just drop in and ask for help but, well, I really do need some advice. So here goes:

After a year of being unemployed, I finally found a job. The pay is great, about $ 30,720 a year. The problem is this: I'll be working as an independent contractor. I spoke with a friend who informed me that, on that salary, I'd be paying about $ 15,000 a year in taxes (federal, state and self-employment). Is this true???? With all of my debts that have piled up, plus the fact that I'd like to save up for a home some day, I can't possibly AFFORD to take this job if I'll be giving that much money away. I just can't afford it. Any advice would bemuch appreciated!
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