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Duncan Hunter addresses the Fair Tax Rally

I didn't know Congressman Hunter, who is running for president as a Republican, was a fan of the fair tax. At a rally held in the middle of May in South Carolina, the San Diego (right?) congressman explained why he liked it.

I’ll try to summarize the views he holds in the video. He agrees with all the main justifications for switching to the Fair Tax, getting rid of all the overhead involved in filing an income tax, and then he speaks of his favorite reason. He has some hawkish reasons. “I’m a defense guy.” He tells a story about looking for defense contractors to up-armor vehicles getting beat up, and he could only find one company in America. All the others are leaving. Hunter says the trade agreement GATT is responsible, says under the agreement, American-made goods are taxed twice (is that true?). “Well let me tell you what; under the Fair Tax, we eliminate that income tax and that IRS.” (Crowd cheers) Industry returns to America; the Arsenal of Democracy is back. The industrial base that kicked ass in the twentieth century returns to kick more ass. In WWII, Ford kicked ass making bombers around the clock. The Fair Tax brings it all back. (Crowd loves it) Hunter thinks everyone will unite around bringing back heavy industry and the high-paying jobs of old. Quotes a marine coming home after WWII, then quotes another marine coming home today. The Fair Tax will help raise a new free generation of Americans. (Hunter leaves the podium)

Hopefully I've got the Youtube video under the cut.

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