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Tax Survey for my Comp II class

Do you think that income taxes are constitutional?
Yes No Undecided

Are you familiar with the concept of embedded taxes?
Yes No

Which of the following alternative tax systems are you aware of? (Circle all that apply)
FairTax Flat Tax VAT Tax Other

Do you believe it is morally wrong for the Federal or State governments to tax you for the act of working to make a living?
Yes No Undecided

Do you think we need tax reform?
Yes No Undecided

If a simplified taxing system could be invented that would keep your income information out of the hands of the federal government, yet continue to fund the federal government at its current levels, would you be in favor of such a system?
Yes No Undecided

Do you believe taxes are driving businesses out of the US?
Yes No Undecided

Do you think businesses should pay more taxes?
Yes No

How do you do your taxes each year?
By hand With a computer program With a CPA Have a friend do them

Do you believe it is morally wrong to put a tax on an individual's assets when they die, even though the income tax and capital gains taxes were already paid on these items?
Yes No Undecided

And then the oh so fun questions of gender and age!

Gender: Male/Female
Age Group: 0-17 18-24 24-36 36-50 50+

Please please, take the time to fill this out! I'd really like a good survey size.

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